Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday was my last day of work for the semester. I hung out with Brittney and then filled out some forms, and then helped this super-nice kid named Gordon with a paper for his history class. Today I had my last final -- chemistry. It was open notes, so it really wasn't bad. I think I maybe got a B, a B+ if I'm lucky (I'm awful at figuring out charges and balancing equations, etc.). I'm done. My junior year of college is completely over.

So, summer is officially here. And, if the past three years are any indication, next week I will have two days of absolutely ridiculous productivity, and then I will crash into an abominable depression. This will probably be magnified by the fact that Spencer moves to Logan on the 15th.

At the risk of sounding totally unstable, I'm going to have serious separation anxiety. Hell, I'm having it now, and he's here for ten more days.

It kind of hit me today that he's really, actually leaving. Like, he will no longer be here. And I didn't break down or anything, but I was... seriously unsettled. I imagine it's kind of like getting a divorce. I've spent the last four years of my life with this person, on an almost daily basis. We've laughed and cried and screamed and cursed together. We've supported and undermined and tried to outdo each other. And now, to think of going to school without him...

Well, I don't like it. Not one bit.

It's inevitable, of course. My logical mind knows that. But my emotional mind is getting ready to freak the shit out.