Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 18: Watching the Days Go By...

First, let me say one thing: I hate getting a Facebook request from someone who is not my friend. Whether they are family members, co-workers, schoolmates, friends-of-friends, etc. -- if we have not spent any time together of our own volition, we are probably not homies.

Second, I just want to let the internet know that for all of our random fighting, my Dad is probably the coolest guy I know. He may be super illogical sometimes, but he is also SUPER generous, supportive, and fun. Mom, Zoe, Ian and Alec are all going out of town next week and Phib and I are stoked to get to hang out with our Pep-Pep. :)

Third, stage managing is not my favorite (I want to play!), but I'm so, SO grateful to be working with Josh as my director. He's been so mellow and productive, it's insane. It's making everything a breeze for everyone. (Let's just hope that dynamic stays the same for our off-book rehearsals, haha.)

Fourth, I applied for a job as a night auditor at Best Western. Y'all should keep your fingers crossed for me.

Fifth, I can't wait for my history class to start. Homework is something I dearly, dearly miss -- I just can't wait for the learning to begin!