Sunday, November 11, 2012

Husbandly Qualities

When I was first in YW, one of my leaders gave a lesson in which she recommended making a list of qualities our dream husbands might have, so that it would be easier for us to notice the presence or absence of those things in our (eventual) boyfriends. I guess because you marry who you date.

We started our lists in class and, because I was thirteen and in church, the qualities I deemed most important were a special brand of LDS cliche. Over time, my "dream husband" has evolved into a man I seriously doubt that YW leader anticipated. This is what my list looks like now:

1. 110% heterosexual.
2. Non-creative profession (lawyer, doctor, CEO...)
3. Well-educated
4. Both intellectual and smart
5. Appreciation for, if not love of, fine arts and humanities
6. Willing and able to argue/banter with me (wordplay!)
7. Willing to be the boss of me, as I dislike being the Decider
8. Ambitious career goals and the drive to achieve them
9. Assertiveness
10. Knowledge of a variety of pop culture elements and events (necessary for conversation -- I don't want him to have to take a Wikipedia time-out any time I open my mouth)
11. Social butterfly
12. Masculine sense of style (non-metrosexual suit wearing)
13. Beardability
14. Supportive of my professional endeavors; encourages me to take risks and push myself
15. Financially responsible