Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day Three: Inspiration Station

Tangent: I wish that there was a class on how to deal with awkward interpersonal situations. Maybe it could be offered in junior high, since that's when this business starts to begin. Or maybe in conjunction with the maturation seminar which most schools seem to offer. I know that topics like gossip and bullying are touched on, but what about the ever-present "love triangle?" Or whether or not to tell your friend if their significant other is cheating on them? I have a feeling that advice on these things could really be beneficial. Rather than sitting in the corner going, "Okay, so... now I should...?" people might have the chance to make an informed social choice and be proactive.

Just sayin'.

Today was a good day. No classes, due to UTA, so I got to sleep in. Turned in my time card, helped Mom and Monica in the costume shop (kinda), and then went to dinner with my family for Dad's birthday. From there, I proceeded to rehearsal, where I was hung. :)

During my down-time, I had a really good chat with Whitney. We talked about a bunch of different stuff, but eventually came back to Macbeth. I really appreciate how supportive both she and Travis have been -- it's been great to have so much encouragement, not to mention the opportunity to work with such talented people. I'm endlessly happy to know them, and I came out of rehearsal feeling more happy than ever that I'm attending good ol' Dixie State. The atmosphere in the department has been incredibly positive thus far, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Hopefully things only become more pleasant as we draw closer to opening.

I'm excited for this weekend. It'll be nice to have a teensy bit of down-time... maybe I can work on my Irene Ryan material/design display some more? I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Two: Surprise, Surprise

Today was not exactly off-the-charts as far as pleasantness is concerned, but I suppose that's to be expected since I was such an Optimistic Olive yesterday. The day's ills can be outlined as follows:
  • Ridiculous, time-wasting obligations
  • Having to bear the brunt of someone else's miscommunication
  • Impossible-to-memorize lines
  • Awkward social triangles
  • Getting (what feels like) no support at all
  • Feeling like the world's biggest disappointment

Rehearsal went well, with the exception of two things. The first is the fact that several very strong personalities were in the room and, when a relatively simple problem arose, there were suddenly Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians. (I understand trying to be helpful, but sometimes an excess of suggestions becomes more of a burden than anything.)

The second thing is that the messenger lines Shakespeare (by way of Michael) has given me in our scene xviii have little to no alliteration, assonance, or consonance, not to mention inconsistent rhythm. I spent a good portion of last night and the majority of this afternoon trying to get them down -- but alas, I made a yammering fool of myself, instead. Normally I wouldn't have felt this miserable about having memorization problems, but I have a lot of respect for Michael, and he's given me a mammoth opportunity, here, so I'm completely terrified of messing things up.

Yet, despite this rather tepid Tuesday, my mood was lifted by four pleasant Wal-Mart shoppers who felt compelled to ask how I was doing. Also: the world's most incredible music video, courtesy of my beautiful friend Crystal, who is now trapped on an island in the middle of the ocean with nothing but Facebook for comfort.

Anyway, I have to finish The Country Wife (Oh, Restoration comedians! You verbose bastards!) so I guess I'll call it a night. Hopefully tomorrow will be filled with much more ease.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day One: Variables Are Not Just For Math

The most remarkable thing about life, I think, is that for all it's consistency, it's fairly unpredictable. While it's pretty easy to guess, chronologically, how your day will go, there are thousands of invisible variables flitting through the air, haphazard little wings itching to surprise those of us who are caught in a social/economic/educational rut or pattern. Of course, there are both positive and negative potentialities surrounding us at all times. We just never know when they're going to take that unexpected sojourn into our personal space.

As of the past several weeks, I've been fortunate enough to have been dive-bombed by a variety of these "positive variables" (heretofore referred to as PV's). In most cases, these have been people who are completely delightful to work with, lovely friends, and exciting new acquaintances -- and I find them all equally valuable/interesting.

However, I think the PV people who have had the most impact on my outlook are those who I expected to be very unpleasant. Due to my own insecurity (coupled with that heinously magical Resistant Way of Being), I thought that these people were going to be critical, unfocused, and generally apathetic. This, I have realized, was a tremendous error in judgment on my part. As it turns out, these individuals have shown me an incredible amount of support, kindness, and respect. They never miss an opportunity to let me know that my work is appreciated.

Do I feel like an oaf for such harsh misjudgment? Yes, but not often. I'm too busy feeling grateful I was wrong. (Also, grateful that God continues to bless my life with such outstanding people despite my being an oaf.)