Friday, January 14, 2011

Rhetorical Content

Where is the line between self-defense and direct offense?

This is a question that gets asked all the time in America, whether it be in our judicial system, the media, or some of the more challenging aspects of daily life. The general rule of thumb is that it's justifiable to harm someone else to prevent them from harming you. But there are all kinds of potential variations. For example, is it right to harm someone else if you think they might attack you in the future? As a sort of preemptive strike? What about if they're attempting to hurt you financially? Or if they're trying to ruin your good name?

What if their actions are a threat to your mental and emotional stability?

When is fighting back, taking action, cutting ties, transferred from the realm of responsible self-protection to that of retaliation or vigilantism? Is the definitive meaning of an act dictated by its circumstances or its intent?

Is it wrong or right to feel guilty when you have successfully dodged danger through action, rather than evasion?

When are you legitimately threatened? When you feel it? Or is there criteria, a rubric by which you can measure your life's current level of safety?

Is hindsight 20/20 at all times? If so, shouldn't we be working to cultivate foresight? If so, when does conditioned paranoia set in?
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life! Y U no chill the **** out?!

Internet, I'm gonna tell you some shiz about my life. It will probably be information that gets swallowed by the endless abyss of oversharing that exists in your front yard. But right now you're the only one who is awake so you're gonna have to deal.

Firstly, I'm super tired of trying to make everyone else happy, whether by planning or accommodating or altering or communicating or substituting or prioritizing or committing to something I cannot afford emotionally/financially/chronologically/psychologically. It's only January 13th and I've broken my most important resolution like seventeen times.

Secondly, my new schedule is totally jam packed. I am maxed out on credits, I have class from 9 AM to 7 PM. This leaves me virtually no time to sleep before work, especially considering the fact that I'm doing Trojan Women.

Thirdly, all of my homework is on Blackboard, and the internet is out at this mothereffing hotel.

Fourthly, Alex (my Irene Ryan partner) has the plague.

Fifthly, Mike keeps texting me and it's giving me crazy anxiety.

Sixthly, I have a huge bug bite tumor thing on my face that KILLS.


Eighthly, I wish I got to see my parents more.

Ninthly, I am completely exhausted.

Where's an inspirational power ballad when you need one?
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First day(s) of school.

Because I am a nerd and this is my blog, I'm going to give you my first impressions of my professors/classes.


Instructor: Professor Black is super quirky, and in all of the right ways. She kind of reminds me of Gretchen from that cartoon show Recess, only a lot more fun.

Course: This will be a breeze. There is no required textbook, everything is online. Also, I've got Karli (Spencer's cousin) and Brandon in there with me, so there would be no need to make new friends for a study group.


Instructor: Professor Johnson is a hoot and a half! (Upon learning I was "Varlo's daughter," she excitedly informed me that she had a TON of embarrassing stories about my dad.) She's fun and exuberant and is going to be really easy to learn from.

Course: I feel so much better about taking a nutrition class from someone who looks normal, and not like my freakishly beautiful cousin, Melanie (who is a fitness guru/nutritionist/hardcore worker-outer). I'm already fat. I don't need to pay money for a reminder. :)


Instructor: I freaking LOVE Hanna Rahilly. She is so supportive and so incredibly excited by even the smallest possibility of a student's success. Also, she's dang funny.

Course: This is perfect information for those of us who seriously want to accomplish our dreams in the theatre. It's impossible to get to-the-point information about graduate programs, audition opportunities, agents, etc. I can't wait to learn about "L.A. as a metaphor for... other places."


Instructor: Dr. Lewis is too awesome for any kind of legitimate description. His specialty is the study of the politics of both the far-left and the far-right. He's super polite. He has a six-inch-long beard. And a ponytail.

Course: Not only will this class cover some of my favorite historical periods (Gilded Age - WWII), it's discussion-oriented and the written assignments require a fair amount of interactivity. Also, it's the only class I've had where a beverage cart has been provided. FTW.


Instructor: Brother Ellsworth has a super-incredible positive energy that just radiates for feet -- it's like a forcefield of light or something. He does not get my sense of humor, but that's okay because I know God does.

Course: All we did today was talk about the format of the class, but I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I was exactly where I needed to be. I'm scared out of my mind. I could pee, I'm so excited. But I'm doing the right thing for me/others, and that makes me the happiest.


Instructor: Wow. Mrs. Seegmiller is kind of like if Shelley Long, a Relief Society president, the world's biggest cupcake, and someone's well-meaning great-grandmother combined into one person.

Course: Given my previous sewing experience, I'd say this class (which is for beginners) won't be a problem. If anything, I'll get done sooner and end up having to fill a lot of time. Allyson, Melissa, and Alex are in the class, too, and we all feel like we don't fit in. So... yeah. It'll be interesting.

MATH 1010

Instructor: Mr. McConnell (A) looks like a bald, facial-hair-free Spencer -- like maybe his long-lost twin -- and (B) is no-nonsense. I like him, already.

Course: I love the fact that our homework is graded on completion and not accuracy. I love the fact that we can bring graphing calculators with us to the (multiple choice) tests having previously programmed ALL OF OUR NOTES into the thing. I love the fact that Mr. McConnell explains everything step-by-step. But most of all, I love the fact that I'm probably going to pass this class with a B+, at the least.

I have not yet had my first private acting lesson, but I'm SO EXCITED to start. I think Michael and I are going to get a lot of good work done, and have a bunch of fun in the process.

Also: I love school.

Also also: Really. I effing love school.