Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 13: A Bit Philosophical

I read somewhere, once, that everybody already knows everything, and that the process of learning isn't so much learning as it is remembering -- and the more comfortable I become with the existence of my cosmic scope, the more thoroughly I am entranced by this philosophy. It seems that the next few months are going to be filled with remembering.

I keep having these out-of-body experiences. Not the kind where I'm outside, looking at my physical self from across the room -- the kind where all of a sudden I feel jolted out of my own consciousness. It's like my mind has stretched out in all directions. No matter where I am, I feel grounded, and completely whole, and (most importantly) overwhelmed with two unmistakable sensations: love and peace. But these experiences are over just as quickly as they begin, and in an instant I've returned to my bedroom, my classroom, my car. I'm just Hannah again. I've forgotten.

I guess this could all sound very weird and new age-y, or like I've been taking drugs. But all my life I've been looking for something completely true -- I've tried to find it in relationships, in friendships, in art and music and nature -- and these feelings of love and peace are the most true things I think I've ever dealt with before.

The end.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 12: Having Taken a Brief Vay-Cay...

Things are looking considerably more beautiful than they were the last time I updated. I think this is partially due to the conference attendance/mini-vacation that was Kansas City. I got to spend a lot of time with one of the most interesting people I've ever met: Carly. (Holy cow, is she awesome.) Apart from looking at mind-bending theatrical gadgets and talking to reps from different colleges, Carly and I spent a good deal of time (a) napping, (b) reading scriptchas, and (c) watching Frasier/basketball. It was really nice to give myself a rest, and to have the company of such a mellow person. She's delightful, and I actually kind of miss getting to chill with her so frequently.

Also in Kansas City: Spencer and I had a couple of Serious Chats. These were benificial (as far as I am aware). I feel like we can be better friends for each other now. Oh, and I got super into the New Testament. I know that there are people who think it's weird to bring your scriptures on trips, but I LOVED having the opportunity to read without interruption. That's not something I get a lot at home, haha.

In recent news: I got a haircut. Miss Saigon is totally awesome (props to my good buddy Joel, who gives an AMAZING performance as the Engineer). I am getting, like, ridiculously organized... which is kind of a laugh considering the semester's almost over, but I cleaned out my closet! I sent like eighty-billion bags to D.I.! I now have all of my past schoolwork tucked away tidily rather than stacked in a waist-high pile next to my bed! Whether or not I'm making progress, I feel like I am, haha.

This week, my darling friend Mike and I had the good fortune to enjoy two hilarious movies: Date Night and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. A good time was had by all. :)

Also, I found the MOST INCREDIBLE bargain book at B&N. It's called The Human Odyssey by Thomas Armstrong, and it is one of the most informative/inspirational things I've ever set my eyes on. It details a human being's progression through twelve stages of life, including the physiological, psychological, and spiritual developments which usually manifest at these stages. It's a really mind-blowing read. For example, I learned that people may not remember their time in the womb because oxytocin, the hormone which causes contractions during childbirth, also functions as an amnesiac. (!!!!!!!!!) Also, there are so many interesting comments about religion, lore, and mythological beliefs concerning the divine origins of mankind. I love it.

Anyway, that's all for today. The end, goodbye, tra la la. :)