Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's the perfect blend-ship!

It's been a while since I've had time to write. Although spring 2012 has easily been the lowest-maintenance semester of my college career, finals week was a bitch. From Friday - Monday, I did the following:
  • Performed a scene from Five Women Wearing the Same Dress with Anni (for acting II)
  • Wrote a 3-page research paper, "Math in Theatre," and presented it (for math)
  • Performed a scene from The Heidi Chronicles with Jordan (for acting II -- I'm nice)
  • Gave a small speech on white privilege (for multicultural studies)
  • Performed two, five-phrase fight scenes with Devon (for stage combat)
And, to top it all off, on Saturday I gave a seven-minute presentation on my senior showcase to the theatre department faculty, the rest of the graduating seniors, and many other students, during which I basically had to persuade everyone that I was ready to graduate.

That's a lot for four days, isn't it?

In addition to all this running around, I've learned several things about myself, and other people. Some of it is nice (for example, Devon and Erika are really awesome and supportive female friends -- which I've needed for, like, EVER), and some of it is not (people tend to tell me all of their horrible secrets). In any event, all of this Breaking News has really reiterated the importance of friendship to me.

I've befriended a lot of people who turned out to be pretty shitty. HOWEVER, I'm happy to say that these doofuses have contributed to who I am, as a person, just as much as the non-shitty friends have. And who I am, as a person, is someone who is capable of dealing with
  • a million gay boyfriends
  • cancer scares
  • lies, and the lying liars who tell them
  • walking in on scarring events
  • holding everyone's secrets
  • financial woes
  • OCD/anxiety
  • four HELLISH (yet pleasant...) years of college
So I feel okay about the bad times, even. Because it's a combination of the good and the bad that's made me the Hannah I am.