Friday, June 3, 2011

So I've made a decision.

I've been watching tons of reruns of Frasier because (A) I love it and (B) I'm nostalgic, and I've come to a conclusion.

Meet my dream-husband:

Not David Hyde Pierce (because he's gay and I'll never meet him), but Niles Crane. No, I'm not delusional -- I know that he's not real. He's not like my super-geeky Edward Cullen or anything. No, I was watching Frasier and laughing at the highbrow jokes and admiring the adventures of this fictional family, and I had a personal revelation. I want to marry a classy, slightly neurotic man who wears a suit to work and will take me to the opera/ballet/theatre on a regular basis. I want to marry a man who knows the difference between Monet and Manet, who enjoys reading, who has a vast knowledge of both classical literature and mythology. Someone with whom I can converse and banter and be classy.

And because this is the kind of person I want to spend my life with, I've got to do everything in my power to attract these kinds of people. I've made a list of goals for myself which will, I hope, elevate and accentuate my inner Elegant Lady. Some of these goals include:
  • Stop swearing
  • No more t-shirts (except in the case of pajamas)
  • Do my hair and make-up on a daily basis
  • Bi-weekly home manicures and pedicures
  • Widen my knowledge of classical music and pursue my more academic interests
  • Work hard on my grades so I can get into a good graduate program
  • Read, read, read!
  • Work on my posture (yoga, stretches, muscle building)
  • Get into shape!
  • Maintain an air of tranquility
  • Take time for spiritual things
  • Spend a minimum of twenty minutes outdoors daily
Anyway, it seems like a tall order now, but I think it will be ultimately rewarding. I don't necessarily want to be rich -- I want to be culturally aware, and to remain that way throughout my life, and I think this is the direction to head.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, my mom bought this book in the 80's that is totally blowing my mind. It's Love Signs by Linda Goodman, and it's about the compatibility of different astrological signs. I don't necessarily believe that astrology can be used for stuff like Predicting the Future, but I do think that when your born has a HUUUUUUUGE impact on your personality.


Today was the first time I've read it since I was like eleven years old, and I decided the first thing to check out would be my astrological profile. (I'm a Virgo.) Well, I was so struck by what I read that I felt super compelled to include it in this post.

First of all, Ms. Goodman writes about the twelve "Initiations of Love" that each individual soul must pass through and come to an understanding of before they can embody the quality of love. Each astrological sign has two initiations -- the first is one that is innate, the second is one that must be learned.

As it turns out, Virgo's active identification is "I analyze" -- meaning that my initial response to any situation is to analyze it. My innate Initiation of Love is "to teach that love is pure," and the initiation that I have to learn is that "love is fulfillment."

So far, this lady (or I guess astrology) is right on the nose. The next section is called "The Virgo Love Mystery," and reads as follows:
"The youthful Leo soul soon senses that summer is ending -- and regretfully steps into his first awareness of the coming harvest, through the Indian Summer soul expression of Virgo. The negative feminine Night Forces return again, reminding the Virgin (whose deeper self has remained untouched by the fleeting romances of youth) that maturity brings stern duty and responsibility. 'I ANALYZE,' says Virgo defensively, striving for perfection.

Now the evolving soul has, for the first time, become an Adult, frustrated by being forced to comply with society's rules and restrictions, yet submitting gracefully, with innate courtesy. These men and women have discovered that to receive their own needs they must serve others in some way. The Virgo vibration teaches that one must work and earn money -- be of service -- in order to be free to play. In this, the second experience in the Earth Element, also the second experience as the Mutable Communicator, clocks and schedules assume great importance. The first job is disappointing. Both ideas and ideals must be shelved under the demands of work or schooling. No time now to dream. The Virgo attention is centered on scholastic excellence, on keeping up with the fierce competition of the business world. Learning and competing are both mandatory -- surviving has become a near obsession.

Like the actual young adults they symbolize, Virgo souls see much to criticize around them, secretly resenting the loss of childhood innocence, having no certain ideas of what lies ahead. Is it only more work, more study and more responsibility? If so, then life is serious indeed and must be faced realistically as soon as possible. It is getting later. Human flaws and imperfections assume exaggerated importance on this Virgo level. For, unless Virgo brings in a fruitful harvest, Life cannot continue for themselves and others. It is the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, and cold winter is just around the corner. Why are all those people still laughing and playing out there? Virgo frets and worries, wondering how to warn the irresponsible that the season of pleasure is drawing to a close. The heart is still pure and filled with silent hope, but the mind is now in control.

Earlier Leo enthusiasms have been replaced by resignation and quiet dreams. Virgo is driven by the fear of dependence into dogged determination not to waste time or shirk duty, the consciousness ever watchful and waiting, yearning to be something better. Although once again ruled by Mercury, the soul has by now learned not to scatter the vital forces as on the Gemini level. Like the symbolic Virgin, Virgo hovers on the edge of awareness, soon to answer the thunderous call of Virgo's true ruler, Vulcan, not yet "discovered" by astronomers, but sufficiently near discovery to have already commenced to faintly beam its pulsing influence to all Virgo-Virgin souls.

Virgo's positive qualities are clarity of thought, discrimination, courtesy, service to others, practicality and self-honesty. Expressed in their negative form they become criticism, crankiness, timidity, pessimism, inferiority and hair-splitting.

...To Virgos, love means surrender of the self, a mystery they prefer not to solve. So they channel its energy into excellence in work... and although these men and women offer gentle devotion, love's true meaning still sleeps within the Virgo heart."

The level of accuracy displayed in these paragraphs is kind of disturbing to me. Well played, Linda Goodman. Well played.