Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Five: Lady Macbeth Playlist

So: I am working on thinking less as an actress, especially in preparation for Lady Macbeth. She is supposed to be youthful/vibrant/romantic, in addition to being kind of dumb. Therefore, in addition to my method-esque gameplan for tomorrow's first full run (Coca-Cola + a donut + 5 Hour Energy for dinner!), I made myself a playlist so that I can get pumped/be aided in my quest for immaturity. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Man (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
2. Hurry Up Let's Go (Shout Out Louds)
3. Lust for Life (Girls)
4. Under the Gun (The Killers)
5. No Sunlight (Death Cab for Cutie)
6. Teenagers (My Chemical Romance)
7. Well-Alright (Spoon)
8. Bedroom Costume (Natalie Portman's Shaved Head)
9. Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel)
10. This Boy [ft. Loney, Dear] (I'm From Barcelona)
11. Waking Up in Vegas (Katy Perry)
12. On Call (Kings of Leon)
13. Cute Without the "E" [Cut From the Team] (Taking Back Sunday)
14. Sequestered in Memphis (The Hold Steady)
15. Helena Won't Get Stoned (Tarkio)
16. The Magic Position (Patrick Wolf)
17. Another Sunny Day (Belle and Sebastian)
18. Mass Romantic (The New Pornographers)
19. Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
20. Black (Okkervil River)
21. Portions for Foxes (Rilo Kiley)
22. Antichrist Television Blues (Arcade Fire)

I'm excited, already!

Other than that, not much else. I have a huge swollen eyelid that kills (thanks, stye!) and a massive caffeine headache since Pep-Pep feels the need to purchase caffeine-free Diet Coke. FML (but not really).

Rehearsal went well tonight. I got a little silly because we were organizing scene shifts and Travis and I don't ever move anything. I hope I did a good enough job of paying attention -- despite dropping Spencer on the floor, at one point.

Anyway, I'm getting up early tomorrow to run some errands with Mom, so I'm gonna play some online Scrabble and hit the hay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Four: Oh, hi.

Today I drove to Las Vegas with Dad, Zoe, Phoebe and Alec to visit my Grandpa Davenport, who is pretty sick. I'm fairly positive he's getting ready to pass on, which I feel bad about because I never really got to know him. I mean, I know they've just lived a couple of hours away... for some reason, no connections were ever made. But, despite all that, I do love him very much and I feel terrible that he's been in pain. I was glad for the opportunity to see him and tell him goodbye.

I also got to see my aunts, Katie and Jennifer, my uncle, Carl, and my cousins, Jessica, David (+ his wife, Audrey, and their daughter, Lilith), and Mike. While I visited my grandparents at some point last spring, I hadn't seen these family members in years. It was great to talk with them for a few minutes before we headed home again.

Before we left, Grandpa told me to take care of myself so I didn't end up where he was. At first I kind of figured that he meant not to smoke, and to try to be healthy so that old age wouldn't be a huge bitch. However, now that I've had the chance to think about it, I wonder if he didn't mean to make sure to maintain good, solid relationships with my family members.

I love every member of my family, no matter how quirky or eccentric. I just wish we could have gotten together more frequently, earlier, and for more lighthearted reasons.