Friday, October 15, 2010

Gallbladder free!

Today was surgery day, and everything went very well! Apart from a bit of stomach pressure and air bubbles in my shoulders, I feel pretty awesome. I can only eat soft things right now, but I think that's for the best considering my air pocket situation. At the moment I am deeply enjoying a delicious Kozy Shack chocolate pudding.

I just got off the phone with Spencer - he's doing really well and seems like he is having a good time in California. It was kind of hard to hold my phone because I am full of air bubbles, and there is a bad one in my shoulder. I hope that gets better tomorrow.

Anyway, it's time for another pain pill so I am gonna take that and go to bed!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Fall break! Eff yeah!

But seriously, this "holiday" has been a long time coming. Even though Friday is Gallbladder Removal Day and Spencer is on his way to Arcata, I could not be happier about a four-day weekend.

Today was an interesting sort of day. In stage crafts, I stretched muslin over the frame of my flat. Then Alex and I went to set up for our directing project, which had a surprise audience of like twenty people, most of them strangers. Then Spencer, Allyson, Alex and I restored 156 to its previous glory, and Spencer and I went to Roberto's.

After that, I went home and conked out until about 3:00 PM, when I had to bounce over to the hospital and get some blood drawn for pre-surgery tests. Then I slept from 4:00 to about 5:30, and then from 5:45 until 6:50. Dad, Alec and I went to Phoebe's choir concert -- which was awesome -- and then we all went to Dairy Queen and then I went to work and that's where I've been ever since.

It's been an active, if not completely pleasant, shift so far. I feel super-nauseous, which is totally lame. I have had a couple of inexplicable nosebleeds. And then there is this crazy cricket with really long head-feelers that keeps creeping around and it's making me paranoid.

I'm trying to find a new job. The graveyard shift is killing me. I think it's psychologically damaging to be totally alone for such a long time. I applied to work as a hostess at Texas Roadhouse, so... pray for me? I need a daytime job! No more vampire life!

Earlier tonight, I got to talk to Natalie, who I met through Spencer. She's super cute/fun! We had a good little chat about how similar we are -- it's almost as though we're southern/northern counterparts. Anyway, it was nice to know that we'd had some of the same type of experiences.

It's time to run the night audit. So. I guess I'm gonna do that. :)