Wednesday, October 24, 2012


  1. I need to write more poetry.
  2. "Potato" is a weird word, especially if you say it slowly.
  3. Some of my freckles have fallen off.
  4. I might be dying.
  5. Every time I tell someone my plans for the future, like six random people pop up and lecture me on all the alternatives I "haven't considered" yet. It's starting to irritate me.
  6. Bat for Lashes' new album is really good -- I want to cover "Laura" sometime soon.
  7. What's a way to celebrate that I'm back down to my Macbeth weight that doesn't involve food?
  8. I'm getting sick.
  9. I can't be getting sick.
  10. ...I'm getting sick.
  11. Halloween's gonna be so crappy.
  12. I don't want Ian to move out. I'll miss him too much.
  13. Today on this episode of Couples Therapy on VH1, the counselor (whose name I don't know) was talking about how a lot of times insecure people are attracted to confident people because their subconscious knows that they can have "confidence by association" and I thought about that for a long time.
  14. I'm really proud of myself for executing such crazy willpower over the past two months. I'm a champ.
  15. I don't get what the big deal is with RPGs and the middle ages. I'd like to be able to kill time on the internet without having to deal with knights/fair maidens/hideous winged dinosaurs ("dragons").

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