Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's going on.

It's been a weird few weeks. I'm still working at Tuacahn (wardrobe managing "Spelling Bee") and doing that whole thing. It's been sort of stressful, for a variety of reasons, most of which are personal. However, I'm enjoying myself. It's a good job and the cast and crew are wonderful.

On Sunday, I went to church (for me) for the first time in months. It's not that I'm anti-Mormon, I just have spiritual and religious opinions that are somewhat divergent where traditional LDS doctrine is concerned. Anyway, testimony meeting was lovely, and turned out to be, in many ways, exactly what I needed. It inspired me to implement some perspective alterations, which I'm sure will be discussed at a later date.

Independence Day was average. Spencer and I went to brunch, then to work, then to the grocery store for barbecue items, after which we promptly had an "intense disagreement." I'm not sure how I feel about him at the moment -- not because of the fight, but because of what the fight says about him as a person.

I think my curse in life is that I'm able to see people's potential, but I'll never watch them live up to it.

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