Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reasons why.

Time to do my laundry!
Time to do my homework!
Time to sleep!
Spencer comes home!
Time to write in my journal!
Time to read my scriptures!
Spencer comes home!
Time to find an institute class!

We had a good chat on the phone today. I love him. I'm glad his birthday is this week because it gives me a chance to celebrate the fact that his parents had him, that he ended up here, that we managed to stay friends.

In other news: I love/hate the holidays. I love them because (a) I have time to recuperate from my daily life and (b) I get to hang out with my family. I hate them because we always seem to have some sort of mini-crisis, whether it's one of Dad's holiday meltdowns (which tend to happen on every major holiday of the year) or some kind of weird secret that is discovered or whatever.

Sometimes I'm more tired because of my house than I am because of my homework.

Anyway. I started cleaning my room today, and I think I have previously existed as a hoarder. Which is kind of freaky. I still have all of the stuff I collected when I was in the height of my OCD mania, but I donated a TON of clothes and threw away a bunch of pointless documents that nobody would ever really need. If I manage to get all my homework done tomorrow I'll start alphabetizing my books. They're hideous right now.

Started reading the collected essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson today. Love that guy -- so zen, and (as I discovered by reading his bio) the outside world thought he was incredibly mediocre. If only his professors at Harvard had known that he would go one to become one of the most prominent names in American literature! I bet they were super embarrassed when they met him again in Heaven. Probably all sorts of humble, haha.

Anyway, off to write in my real journal. Tralalalala.


  1. Hannah i love you. You are a miraculous person with such a strong and powerful inner voice that people need to hear.

  2. You should definitely let me know which institute class you're enrolling in. I'd love to take it with you.